Surrey Botanical Society

The thirty most widespread flowering plants in Surrey

2,752 taxa have been recorded in Surrey at one time or another, although of these 489 taxa have not been recorded since 1999. In the table below the 30 most widespread taxa are listed in descending order of the number of monads (out of 2,108 in Surrey) in which each plant is recorded. All counts are derived from MapMate (09-07-2020) with the exclusion of those records where Quantity=-7 (Not present).

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Distribution maps of all taxa recorded in the British Isles can be found on the BSBI website. Distribution maps by monad of all taxa recorded in Surrey (including these widespread taxa) are available elsewhere on this website to SBS Members only.

Urtica dioicaCommon Nettle2054
Rubus fruticosus agg.Bramble2025
Ranunculus repensCreeping Buttercup2014
Galium aparineCleavers2010
Taraxacum agg.Dandelion2003
Quercus roburPedunculate Oak1995
Dactylis glomerataCock's-foot1976
Geum urbanumWood Avens1964
Plantago lanceolataRibwort Plantain1936
Poa annuaAnnual Meadow-grass1933
Hedera helixCommon Ivy1930
Fraxinus excelsiorAsh1928
Geranium robertianumHerb-Robert1923
Senecio jacobaeaCommon Ragwort1921
Plantago majorGreater Plantain1916
Rumex obtusifoliusBroad-leaved Dock1903
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn1903
Alliaria petiolataGarlic Mustard1894
Ilex aquifoliumHolly1888
Anthriscus sylvestrisCow Parsley1885
Cirsium arvenseCreeping Thistle1872
Trifolium repensWhite Clover1871
Sambucus nigraElder1863
Bellis perennisDaisy1838
Corylus avellanaHazel1798
Holcus lanatusYorkshire-fog1794
Lapsana communisNipplewort1792
Heracleum sphondyliumHogweed1780
Achillea millefoliumYarrow1749
Veronica chamaedrysGermander Speedwell1734

Even the most widespread taxon Urtica dioica has only been recorded from 2,054 (97.58%) of the 2,105 monads in Surrey.