Surrey Botanical Society

Rare Plant Register

The last Flora of Surrey was published in 1976 and the Supplement and Checklist in 1987. There has been no published work on the flora of the whole of Surrey after this. There has been much change since these two books were produced. In particular, some sites for our rare plants have been lost. Some recording of Scarce and Declining Species took place in the 1990's. For some species, this is the last time they were recorded in detail. The results of the surveys were only released as six separate lists. There was no integration of these into a single document. The plan now, started in 2006, is to compile a Rare Plant Register for Surrey as a first step towards a New Flora of Surrey. The Rare Plant Register as an Excel spreadsheet was last updated in February 2019.

A list has been compiled of those species that are considered to be rare, scarce or of conservation importance in Surrey. For ease of Marsh Valerian use, these species can be referred to as Notable Species but please note that this term is not used in the same precise term as is used for invertebrate designation. The list also contains species that are nationally or internationally important. Where appropriate, the list shows the designations assigned to each species in the Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain, Cheffings & Farrell, (Eds) JNCC 2005 The Surrey status of the species will be added later when we have more up to date records. This list is at present termed a Draft List, for it is recognised that some species currently listed may prove to be sufficiently frequent to not warrant inclusion on RPR. It is also likely that there are some species that will have to be added. If anyone knows of such a species, please let us know.

The Records Committee have held meetings during the winter to discuss plans for updating the records and publishing the Register. At the same time, the records for some of the Notable species have been entered into the MapMate database. The proposal is to publish the SyRPR in collaboration with Surrey Wildlife Trust. The expertise gained from their Surrey Invertebrate Atlas Project will be invaluable. In addition, the Committee have been working closely with the Surrey Biodiversity Records Centre. Thus the Register will be joint effort with these organisations and the BSBI who have drawnAutumn Squill up guidelines for County RPRs, to ensure some measure of standardisation in coverage through out the British Isles.

Please think how you can help. Some of our records are up to date, others are not. Details of species entered in MapMate can be provided. You may like to look for some species throughout the county or concentrate on those found within an area. Additionally, some of you may feel more confident in recording species that are relatively easy to identify. We will be concentrating on species and sites for which there are no recent, post 2000, records. All offers of recording are important. Please let us know how you can help. Details of how to record species are on a separate sheet.

Ann Sankey
BSBI Recorder, Surrey, VC17